Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Romance

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Romance

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Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Romance

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Romance 100ml. Eau De Toilette - How to start the summer well and continue to enjoy every day? Favorite perfume always raise the mood, create an atmosphere of charm and ease around. limited edition perfume Summer Romance from the famous Ralph Lauren(Ralph Lauren) - the brightest new this season. Romantic mood, a sense of celebration gives this summer scent associated with Latin American rhythms. Brand Ralph Lauren is known for her perfume always sensual, vibrant and memorable. Is no exception and summer scent Summer Romance, designed for real coquettes. These spirits - embodied flirting, experts say. To understand what they were referring to, you just have to lift the bottle to let into their world this amazing summer scent. Perfumers working on the creation of Summer Romance , embodied the idea of Ralph Lauren's romantic summer love. Tart hibiscus, disturbing musk, tiare - floral notes and sweet passion fruit with apricot - fruit components, Ralph Lauren decided to join together in this summer serenade dedicated to love and passion. The result exceeded all expectations created by maestro summer scent turned into the unique magic cocktail, spirits dreams real. Perfume Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren is rapidly gaining popularity among the fair sex and their fans, whose unmistakable smell recognize these spirits summer scent coquetry and flirtation. Summer Scent Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren, gentle and passionate notes that captivate the heart. It is a floral fruity fragrance for women. Perfumers developed frank and sensual aroma whose heart beat quickened floral-fruity notes of passion fruit, tiaras, hibiscus and musk. Flirtatious and intoxicating composition with dizzying amber trail passes all quivering passion and sweet moments of love.

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