Ralph Lauren Ralph Love

Ralph Lauren Ralph Love

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Ralph Lauren Ralph Love

Ralph Lauren Ralph Love 100ml. EDT - The cheerful line of perfumery from the American fashion house Ralph Lauren continues to replenish with dazzlingly bright aromas. Each element of the collection has its own specific character, recognizable composition and spectacular package design. The modern style and personality peculiar to the popular brand can be traced in all smells, adding to them a special charm. Released in 2016, the playful perfume Ralph Lauren Ralph Love perfectly suits young flirtatious beauties. He recreates the mischievous, slightly tense, magical atmosphere of the first meeting of two young lovers. The sun shines, the warm air is filled with romance and flirting, both are ready to dissolve into each other without a trace. A charming pink bottle of toilet water emphasizes her cheerful, incendiary mood. Juicy, full of freshness and lightness shade of a ripe red apple, appetizing, airy, childishly direct note of sweet cotton wool and a breathtakingly beautiful rose make an unforgettable melody of delicious flavor. Fascinating perfume, worthy of admiration, will be a great accessory for any fashionista who understands the science of seduction.

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