Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense

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Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense 125ml. EDT inspiration from the racing world, with bold whims of fashion sense reflects the sense of power and speed gushing out. Ralph Lauren's latest fragrance works Polo Red Intense, new red raw passions burst through the Polo Red warm charm agitation turned into dynamic maneuvering: intense red ginger, sexy red leather and red scented roasted coffee , integration and eau de toilette essence of perfection, so this exquisite Polo Red Intense aroma lasting, bring thrilling exciting experience. Red grapefruit, cranberry red, red ginger as top notes; saffron, red sage, orange flower as in tune; mahogany, red roasted coffee, red as the keynote. "Red" seems to represent the new Ralph Lauren fragrance for men. Ralph Lauren introduced Polo Red Intense, red ginger, red, red Polo Red Intense coffee are the three "red" ingredients, creating a people excited thrill, excitement and strength. Bright flame red bottle inspired by the shock of the car, and are decorated in brown racing stripes. Men's fragrance Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense - a real life racing anthem, of which the holder of perfume required to emerge victorious! Spicy and citrus notes of chords are complemented roasted coffee, ginger and skin. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense is an elegant woody fragrance for modern men. This fragrance conceals exciting spicy tones that looks very seductive. Its original aroma, this fragrance reflects the lifestyle of confident men who love sport and also in all circumstances are extraordinary Elegant.

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