Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport

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Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport 125ml. Eau De Toilette - The Essence unleashed perfume Ralph Lauren Polo Sport for Men Blue evokes a feeling of freedom given by the infinite blue of the sky and water unbridled power. Blue Polo Sport fragrance is appreciated by men dynamic, active and full of energy. Top fragrance essences of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport agreements are given melon and tangerine delicious. Then comes the unmistakable aroma of fresh cucumber, exotic patchouli and geranium. Base notes are dominated by males fresh basil leaves and musk. Lovely brand perfume Ralph Lauren, is suitable in hot summer days and sports activities. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue cologne Sport will experience a feeling of infinite freedom, energy! this men's fragrance, created in 2012. Composition refers to the group fern flavors. This eau de toilette for confident men in their victory. Aroma strong wave of citrus fruit rolls since the first breath of perfume. They concluded freshness and energy that gives us the smell of the forest after the last rain. One gets the feeling that you're in a fairy-tale forest. Top notes of green apple, mint, tangerine and white cedar; Notes "Hearts": sage, ginger and green notes; Base notes are fern, amber, musk, sandalwood, patchouli and oak moss. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport's men's exuberant fragrance that evokes the freedom of the great blue skies and untamed power of limitless water. Blue perfume Polo Sport appreciate dynamic men who are active and like to draw your energy in nature. The actual home fragrance Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport chords include watermelon and sweet mandarin exciting.

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