Ralph lauren Polo Blue

Ralph lauren Polo Blue

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Ralph lauren Polo Blue

Ralph lauren Polo Blue For Men 125ml. EDT by Ralph Lauren - the embodiment of freedom vast blue sky, the energy of the high seas and big breath of fresh air. This new character itself elegance. Fresh and cool music complemented the warmth of spices to create a crystal blue sensation. notes are melon, mandarin orange and cucumber; middle notes are basil, sage and geranium. Base notes are musk, woody notes and leather. Interesting extraordinary fragrance created for the same multifaceted men. It traced the naturalness and naturalness. Men's intoxicating freshness of green notes with fern be appropriate shade in summer and autumn. Qualitative expensive perfume will love not only the owner, but also the surrounding ladies. Resistant noble plume nicely complement the cares of the day. First went on sale in 2003. When you look at a new work of art of perfume from the fashion house Ralph Lauren, enclosed in a designer bottle noble blue, it seems that you see a piece of blue heaven, which suddenly broke away from the high roof and appeared suddenly in their hands. Name corresponds not only to the vial, and the very essence of the unique flavor, carefully compiled from a variety of shades and familiar to us, and the strange plants and fruits. The smell of eau de toilette Ralph Lauren Polo Blue breathes freedom, as if in a bottle accidentally flew playful fluffy summer clouds in the breeze. This is a fragrance for men who are capable, like a free bird, break away from the vanity of the earth and see the world quite differently, not, as is customary in sometimes very conservative society. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue can reveal a romantic nature, full of colorful feelings, just waiting for the moment to boil over in the form of the most incredible stories, beautiful works of art or just heat in communicating with their loved ones and friends. How nice to be together with the romantic and admiring the life of man!

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