Ralph lauren Polo Black

Ralph lauren Polo Black

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Ralph lauren Polo Black

Ralph lauren Polo Black For Men 125ml. EDT is a fragrance that emphasizes masculinity and male strength. It is intended charismatic gentlemen with dynamic activities, those who know how to care for and who value quality. The first notes that make their presence felt are sage, mandarin and mango, followed by middle notes of exotic patchouli and eventually to the base of sandalwood and tonka. Ralph Lauren Polo Black creates an aura of value and elegance and offers the wearer. added confidence and safety.  this perfume that is ideal for the completion of the male image. The fragrance was created by the brand Ralph Lauren, complementing the famous collection of fashionable clothing for men Black Label. Polo Black is a mysterious, sensual, a little dangerous, fragrant wood composition, the smell of which have simple, but at the same time is quite promising. Fragrance presents a mysterious message to the owner, which is impregnated with dreams of true freedom. Top notes consist of Spanish sage and frozen mango fruit. Heart notes of sweet liqueur involved, Gideon and silver sagebrush. Base notes of tonka bean yield, wet wood, sandalwood and patchouli. Polo Black - flavor sincere and charismatic man. men's fragrance created by the completion of the men's collection of clothing called Black Label . Polo Black . Ralph Lauren , created in 2005, this perfume, it was able to describe sensual woody scents. Top notes of the fragrance begins: frozen mango, Spanish sage. Relay goes smoothly in notes are golden and silver sagebrush. A gentle trail completes the composition of: black patchouli, sandalwood, wet wood and tonka bean. This is the same explosive and simultaneously elegant perfume, same as  Joop! Jump. On the one hand this fragrance is quite simple, and with another - hopefully. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren  is designed specifically for a man who dreams of true freedom.

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