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Ralph Lauren Polo

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Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren Polo For Men 118ml. EDT is a classic men's fragrance proven time and experience. Scent has no delicate floral undertones. It consists of spicy and woody chords. In fragrance Ralph Lauren Polo Green example, you can let contemplate tones of basil, thyme, allspice, leather, patchouli, and amber. Despite the fact that Polo Green among heavier perfume, fits with its radiating ferocity for athletes. For athletes who love classic sports which are played according to the specified rules. Perfume is therefore designed for men who are happy and balanced, love the classics and setting practices. Bottle green bottle in a classic shape with the outline Polist River on horseback clearly describes the essence of this time-honored fragrance. We often chasing novelties, but sometimes it is useful to stop and look back, to remember long-forgotten traditions. It hints at this well-known American brand Ralph Lauren. Perfumers were able to create something really interesting - a new fragrance Eau de Toilette Ralph Lauren Polo Green, which, despite its novelty, calls to plunge into antiquity. Wood notes of tobacco and shades in combination with the play of herbs and spices turn Ralph Lauren Polo Green composition in exquisite bouquet, casting memories. Aroma reminiscent of an old thing, which belonged to even grandfathers, great-grandfathers and therefore has not only artistic, but historical value. The smell of it is - an exclusive, elegant, noble. You can join the domain, just try Ralph Lauren Polo Green toilet water.

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