Ralph Lauren Notorious

Ralph Lauren Notorious

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Ralph Lauren Notorious

Ralph Lauren Notorious 75ml. Eau De Parfum is a fragrance suitable for women daring, sexy and mysterious, and actress Faye Dunaway being inspired fragrance. A fragrance of contrasts that were perfectly combined classic elements with modern ones. Beginning of fragrance notes are made from fresh accents of bergamot and cassis that connect the heart of the perfume where you can find flavors of violets, patchouli, musk and vanilla. This elegant and unique fragrance created by Ralph Lauren is perfect for use for a fashionable evening. Be seductive and discover the charm of the past combined with modern sensuality only Ralph Lauren Notorious perfume. If you are daring and elegant, then you will certainly enjoy spicy oriental fragrance Notorious by Ralph Lauren, who, perhaps, is the main representative of the autumn line of fragrances Ralph Lauren. This perfume returns from the distant past of retro glamor, which in the past was embodied in the attractiveness of Hollywood stars. Copyright Notorious by Ralph Lauren was impressed actress Ingrid Bergman, or rather its classical beauty, which she flashed in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "notorious." Atmosphere of decadence, stunning costumes, absentovye motifs and black lace - are the main trends Notorious by Ralph Lauren. Advertising face of perfume has become a supermodel Laetitia Casta. She described it as "a little spicy and mysterious aroma." Perfume reveals owners notes of pink pepper and Italian bergamot. Heart of the fragrance is spicy tinge, which is achieved cloves, white peony and bitter chocolate. Flex Notorious by Ralph Lauren spreads wings night, consisting of sweet vanilla, musk fascinating and luxurious patchouli. In a single mad dance intertwined aromas of burning grain pink pepper, Italian bergamot and fresh hot ripe black currant. Charming and sexy, bold and daring Ralph Lauren Notorious intriguing unexpected luxurious composition of chocolate, white peony and carnation. Then open and long trills and chords sound of music enveloping patchouli, musk bold, fresh vanilla and orris shy.

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