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Ralph Lauren Fresh

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Ralph Lauren Fresh

Ralph Lauren Fresh 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a refreshing, dynamic and cheerful female floral-citrus scent inspired by the sparkling freshness of lemon sorbet. Perfume released in 2015 by the American fashion brand Ralph Lauren as a supplement to the youth line of women's clothing. From the first notes of the fragrance captures the charming freshness of lemon sorbet, soft sweetness of ripe watermelon chilled and sparkling citrus tangerine sun. Playful Heart perfume gives the whole bouquet of floral notes - heady magnolia, sparkling freesia and silky-spicy rose. Rounding out the composition creamy wood notes, subtle, pungent smell of regal white lilies and warm, gentle musk. Cheerful, bright and full of energy fragrance is somewhat reminiscent of a delicious cocktail, which is to be indefinitely long sip through a straw, basking in the warm rays of the sun. Youth flavors should be distinguished by boldness and ardor, this is how the designers of the famous brand Ralph Lauren believe. The brand is going to launch an excellent bouquet, featuring refreshing overflows, pushing its owner to momentary action. Seductive perfumery sounds charming lemon chords, a pleasant sourness which will easily raise your spirits. Memorable notes of magnolia, carrying with them tenderness and sensuality, are perfectly combined with a solo performance of citrus fruits. Approaching the elegant heart, the toilet water meets you with seductive melon motifs, the game of which is a delightful sweet and slightly watery shade. Together with the chic, moderately wayward novelty, your image will become more expressive and unique. The inimitable variations of freesia unequivocally perform with their solo part, thus emphasizing the sincerity and ease of the performed melody. Perfume Ralph Lauren Fresh includes pleasant, slightly flushed wood motifs. A delightful base from the chords of musk and the root of the violet, which is of an exhilarating bitterish character, splendidly completes the final part. A wonderful work will be presented in the concentration of toilet water, in a vial that has a summer robe, which combines sky-blue and white colors.

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