Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 for Men

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 for Men

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Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 for Men

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 Orange 125ml. Eau De Toilette is a unique fragrance, fresh, dedicated man elegantly seductive sport. This perfume Big Pony 4 Orange complement your personality and provide elegance. Early notes from Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 is juicy grapefruit, orange, the perfect way to conquer hearts with irresistible flavor. A refreshing mandarin essence. Base notes are mysterious and captivating colorful wooden agreements. This fragrance is perfect for day and evening. Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 Orange will charm all women will surround you! This stylish fragrance designed for men who are up to date and are always updated with the latest fashion victim. Winner of flavor Big Pony Collection 4 simply can not live without fashion shows, club parties and new stores - it's all part of his life. The owner of this fragrance is unlikely to get past some of the next novelty. This aromatic composition allows each representative of the stronger sex is always at the center of events. The fragrance will give you an unforgettable combination of the presence of pink grapefruit and wood Kiara. Stylish men's perfume Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection 4 is designed for the stronger sex, walking in step with the times and always being updated with the latest news in the world of fashion and fashion victim. The holder of this fragrance can not imagine my life without fashion shows, parties at clubs and new stores, after all this - part of his life. Such a man will never miss any another novelty. This aromatic composition will allow any man to be always in the center of events. Fragrance will delight you with an unforgettable combination of wood Kiara and pink grapefruit.

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