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Prada Luna Rossa

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Prada Luna Rossa

Prada Luna Rossa 100ml. Eau De Toilette embodies a charismatic and confident man who can be strong and sensitive at the same time. Carefully selected essences fragrance enchant all your senses and provide you with an endless source of inspiration. With excellent scent Prada Luna Rossa will feel neat and sensual in every situation of your day. In the very opening scent Prada Luna Rossa will surprise you with a refreshing burst of bitter orange, whose extremely exciting and energetic aroma perfectly complements sensual lavender. Intoxication of the senses continues in the heart of the fragrance which conceals captivating sage lightly sprinkled with tiny hazelnut fresh mint. This sparkling combination essence gives you a positive mood and appetite for new adventures. An interesting conclusion fragrance is made with unusual ingredients such as abraxane and ambrette. Toilet water Prada Luna Rossa can wear them all day and every season. Awaken your true self and open your sensitive sensual page! Prada Luna Rossa fragrance can charm any woman who smell it! Hiding in precisely drafted flacon, whose silver surface emphasizes the uniqueness of scents and brought to market in 2012. Men's Prada perfumes are very popular and in demand. They are characterized by creativity, exclusivity and are completely interchangeable. Prada Luna Rossa joined refined style, aristocratic nobility, easy temptation and delicate classic accent, which makes the flavor even more attractive, exciting and original. This citrus-fern composition perfumers were able to transfer a man's self-restraint, which borders on defiance, it seems that the owner of this fragrance loudly declares itself, but at the same time behaving politely, even a little majestic. This image impregnable male attracts women of their confidence, as well as harmonious, refined sound a note of powdery perfume and light freshness. In the initial chords here disclosed play invigorating bitter orange and a cool, soothing lavender. "Heart" perfume captured sound a cooling, slightly sharp and slightly smoky mint, sage tart. The loop disclosed ambrette accords, which serves as a fixative flavor and gives a sweet smell.

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