Prada Candy L'eau

Prada Candy L'eau

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Prada Candy L'eau

Prada Candy L'eau 80ml. Eau De Toilette - Women's fragrance Prada Candy L'Eau playful and flirty, like its owner. He first disclosed citrus brightness like sparkling and invigorating covers an avalanche, but after some time gradually envelops pleasant sweetness, inexplicable gentleness and refinement. One gets the impression that a little more, and the delicious smell can be tasted, felt full of harmony and light piquancy. Citrus-floral arrangement creates an image of an elegant and vivacious beauty who finds inspiration in the most simple things. Top notes of this fragrance is presented rich shades of bright Italian citrus that invigorate and tone. The "heart" of the fragrance reveals the play of fragrant sweet peas. Train full of pleasant sounding sweet, rich benzoin, refined and delectable white musk and warm, flirty candy. Release Date: 2013 Country of origin: Italy Gender: Female Classification of flavor: citrus, floral Top notes: Italian citrus note "Hearts": fragrant sweet peas final note: benzoin, white musk, caramel. The novelty abounds by Italian citrus and delicate floral shades, a true gift for fans PRADA, because as we know, under this brand tend to appear more spicy and rich aroma. Time does not stand still, and this collection of famous Italian fashion house enriched modern fragrance with a gentle sound and the leitmotif of love. Even if you are not faced with perfume of Prada and can not determine the choice, we strongly recommend purchase his collection one of the luxury fragrance of the famous producer. One of these flavors is the new Prada Candy L 'Eau - fragrance of love for bright emotions and passionate meeting, because the whole thing in detail and study colors sound, and everything is done at the highest level, and you can only enjoy the beautiful cascade with the spring shade and inviting notes of white musk.

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