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Prada Candy

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Prada Candy

Prada Candy 80ml. EDP is a floral fragrance that suits all women who are not afraid to express their opinions. Surrender to temptation in the form of a pink power brought by Prada Candy fragrance. Get out from the crowd and shine. Try to do things on their own and receive energy to overcome obstacles everyday. Floral top notes easily make anyone fall in love with this scent instantly. Notes the essence of sensual musk central white that gives you confidence and determination to become a confident and glamorous woman. Agreements charming seductive caramel delight your senses in depth and bring out the true personality! One of the most important fashion houses, Prada perfume market began long ago. Fall in love with the quality and character of this fragrance full of flowers, fruit and spices carefully selected. It is especially appreciated by those who love style and luxury bestowed this prestigious brand, presented in highly modern bottle shapes. Prada Candy is sure to please you. Dare to express your opinion. Only women confident of their own, who know exactly what they can get anything they want! Sweet but not cloying name recalls the fact that a woman is not necessarily always be too serious, it can sometimes be a bit naughty and get rid of stiffness at least for one evening and become the one who she is actually a seductress and subjugator stronger sex. Prada Candy Eau composition opens natural feminine instincts and aspirations, the winner of this fragrance easily wins the hearts of men and ruthlessly breaks. Unusual for Prada fragrance in any case can not be attributed to candy, candy flavors. If you try to somehow articulate the feeling that causes the smell, it's not candy, which added Perfume and fragrance with a hint of caramel.

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