Paris Hilton With Love

Paris Hilton With Love

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Paris Hilton With Love

Paris Hilton With Love 100ml. Eau De Parfum - The world-famous brand Paris Hilton does not cease to surprise and delight his many fans with new, always bright, unique, unrivaled and original compositions. The new company received a bouquet at the same time simple and sonorous, beautiful and gentle title With Love. The founder of the eponymous brand Paris Hilton, through its new fragrance to share with his fans and the world of his endless energy. The author of this masterpiece has become a perfumer Harry Fremont. Perfume devoted attachment to the city of love and romanticism, to Paris. With Love is a feminine perfume, which belongs to the category of floral fruity odor. The aroma was very harmonious, very thin and soft, in which all of the components, all the notes are consistent and very organically combined with each other. The composition is an ideal representatives am beautiful half of humanity that does not boast of his position, ready to go to meet people who invite everyone in his inner world. In the initial chords intertwined with each other shades of bergamot, green apple and kiwi. The heart floral notes melody accents of orchid, lily of the valley and jasmine. The base of the bouquet - a combination of aromas of wood, musk and wood. The face of the perfume itself has become Paris Hilton. The latest scent, her loyal fans around the world is very special and personalized gift. Green apple and vibrant bergamot, with unexpected strange attractor your breath magical introduction. The nature of the exciting launch of the perfume in the heart of Paris. A wonderful mix of wild jasmine, orchids and lily of the valley with the crisp blast of fresh and enhanced liquidity female characters. Soft modern forest brings sensual enjoyment, and musk leave you wanting more.

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