Paris Hilton Tease

Paris Hilton Tease

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Paris Hilton Tease

Paris Hilton Tease 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Fantastic, romantic and passionate, mysterious and at the same time very clear image of the Marilyn Monroe remind you chypre-floral-oriental fragrance Paris Hilton Tease, that every note of his passes creative mood, attractive emotions, spontaneity and sensual playfulness. Just a few drops of this fragrance will help its owner to recreate a recognizable and much loved figure. Start compositions disclosed refreshing notes of bergamot, juicy and ripe, summer peach and red apple tanker. The "heart" of the fragrance of jasmine shades stupefying, intoxicating tuberose and frangipani, which has a special citrus-cream flavor. At least in this fragrant composition reveals woody notes and play of sand and amber, giving a sense of the long-awaited hot summer. Date of flavors: chypre-floral-oriental Top notes: bergamot, peach and red apple note "Hearts": frangipani, jasmine and tuberose Mexican Final note: woody notes, amber sand. Socialite Paris Hilton presented a novelty perfume - perfume water Tease in 2010. Rich floral chypre fragrance bouquet taken a worthy place among the variety of oriental fragrances. Bright, rich cocktail of fresh fruit: red apple, bergamot and juicy white peach, gives us an exquisite delight in the discovery of the composition Paris Hilton Tease. The heart of the fragrance is decorated with a bouquet of white flowers of plumeria and tuberose, with notes of jasmine enveloping. White tree, hot sand and amber - the base notes, which make sensual and passionate sound flavor. Perfume by Paris Hilton appeared by working together with the company Fragrance Resources, and one of its leading perfumers Stvom DeMerkado. The image of Marilyn Monroe became the prototype of perfume Tease. At the presentation of the fragrance, inspired by secular diva Paris hit the media with beauty and femininity of a new image: the classic red lipstick, fluffy wavy tresses - all imbued with glamor sexy blonde early 20 Merlin This sample perfume was created specifically for girls confident and wants to achieve unprecedented heights in the art of cinema. Just the aroma perfect for the beautiful ladies who want to be noticed by the opposite sex.

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