Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo

Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo

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Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo

Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo 100ml. Eau De Toilette is the embodiment of desire for knowledge and pleasure of visiting exotic countries. This wonderful blend of floral notes with a touch of fruity and woody essences, is specially designed for modern women who always have a good mood and are full of natural elegance. For them, Passport In Tokyo, they complement each other perfectly and harmoniously and elegance. The image on the glass, with a young and naughty naughty, is in perfect harmony with the refreshing flavors of lemon and juicy apples, which you can feel from the first moment. Charming central fragrance notes Passport In Tokyo, are illustrated flower garden full of dreams. Here you will be greeted by beautiful orange flower essences combined with tones of frangipani, iris and jasmine delicately sensual. Aromatic base notes of the fragrance Passport In Tokyo comprise the unmistakable essence of musk, cedar and sandalwood, is a combination incredibly beneficial effects for the mind. Perfume Passport In Tokyo, you'll be full of energy and optimism, so you'll be able to make friends. Due to its specific flora essence, you will turn into a highly irresistible woman, beautiful and attractive! Together with the scent of the Tokyo Passport collection you will get to the eastern capital, and you can try on the colorful and extravagant images of the most trendy Japanese teenagers, and become one of the "Harajuku-gelz"! Song: lemon, red apple, frangipani, iris, orange blossom, jasmine, golden cedar, musk and sandalwood.

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