Paris Hilton Heiress

Paris Hilton Heiress

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Paris Hilton Heiress

Paris Hilton Heiress EDP 100ml. - paired flavor from socialite who opens the world feeling, so long hidden in the soul of dazzling beauty. This may be the charm, femininity, audacity fraction, the desire to dominate and love. Romantic fragrance Paris Hilton Heiress opens the door behind which begins the path to women's secrets. Passiflora fruit aromas, peach granite, orange and champagne mimosa perfume holders give freshness, levity and frivolity exciting. Trepidation honeysuckle, jasmine, ylang-ylang flowers blackberry and tiaras, grenadine can wake of unprecedented hurricane desires, accompanied by vivid emotional radiance. The composition is complemented by white wood, vetiver and violet leaf. Paris Hilton Heiress - seductive and sensual fragrance women. Romantic and mysterious aroma of Paris Hilton Heiress symbolizes frivolous carefree and unpredictable desires. Refers to the floral and fruity aromas. Top notes of the fragrance is fresh and fruity shades of orange and passion fruit. Note the heart forms a complex bouquet of jasmine flowers and forest blackberry fruit honeysuckle flower tiara, supplemented ylang-ylang and grenadine. Scent trail ends of violet leaf, vetiver and white wood. What lies deep in the heart of dazzling beauty? Daring femininity and charm, the desire to dominate and poignant desire for love ... Path to the mysteries of the female heart has a romantic flavor from Heiress Paris Hilton. Fresh fruit notes passionflower, orange, peach granite and champagne mimosa symbolize carefree frivolity and flippancy exciting. A tremulous tones of jasmine, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle flower tiara, flower blackberry and grenadine evoke unpredictable whirlwind of desire, dazzling light emotions.

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