Paris Hilton Heir

Paris Hilton Heir

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Paris Hilton Heir

Paris Hilton Heir 100ml. Eau De Toilette designed for such a man, who in the wardrobe there exists not only a pair of stylish and new costumes, but absolutely informal clothes. Man from Paris Hilton is not afraid to show everyone your inner world. You put on a business suit on a business meeting where you need to create an image of a businessman, but sometimes you want to relax and to show his true colors, then you call your friends, and send them to the posh party, where he met her. You are stylish, trendy, know what you want. Girls feel your strength and originality. Heir only intelligent and strong man who sometimes likes to just be themselves. Paris Hilton Perfumes by just such a tomboy like you. You're the best, and she knows it, because of you says your perfume. Allow yourself to relax a bit with the Heir by Paris Hilton. Embark on a perilous journey, where there is no chance that you will learn, because your new toilet water will hide you from prying eyes. You will see only a select few of you. The flavor composition includes such basic notes, suede, sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot, musk, gum PARTICULAR tree, amber and tangerine. Give yourself at least a couple days of rest. The richest heiress of the world has released the third fragrance called Heir. Tennis player Andy Roddick Paris helped in the creation of the fragrance: "I was very excited. I was told that this should be a nostalgic flavor, aroma of memory, so I tried to make sure that he gave the impression he must be an expression of personality and soul of its owner. I hope I got it. " The composition of the fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin that gently transform into flower lavender heart and a sweet trail of patchouli, sandal and amber make this fragrance is unforgettable.

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