Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

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Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust 100ml. Eau De Parfum - The appearance of Paris Hilton always produces a sensation and is able to make some much noise, as well as her perfume creations. His new edition Fairy Dust she dedicates to all the young women who believe in magic and miraculous transformations. Feel at ease, be unpredictable, elegant and dazzling as a fairy! Magic wand, and the midnight sky placers stars appear, and in the air there is a transparent thin cloud of floral scents. refreshing sip of sparkling wine before a fantastic celebration, and you're ready to start a fairy tale! Top notes of white grapes prosecco, pink peony, orange blossom. notes the "heart" of gardenia, water lily, peach. Base notes of patchouli, cashmere wood, musk, vanilla. Divine fragrance Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton created for young ladies who are not forgotten how to believe in magic and miracles. It is easy and graceful, elegant and unpredictable, she - a dazzling fairy, magical charm and alluring charm. Her fragrance gives a fabulous initial notes lush flowers peony, orange blossom. Gardenia and lotus sentimental secretive in the heart of the perfume. Sensual loop envelops weightless veil patchouli leaves and sweet vanilla. Unmatched ode sensuality and femininity - it Fairy Dust from Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton Fairy Dust is a very seductive fragrance for women, which was launched in 2008. It ranks among the sweet floral-fruity and performs his ministry, especially in colder weather. Fairy Dust perfume unosíte at the opulent events on the evening pleasures or whenever you need to feel sexy and attractive. Blond beauty Paris Hilton has chosen for its perfume vial of truly magnificent. It has a graceful shape, is made of clear glass and decorated with metal applicator and transparent lid. The box comes in a dark color reminiscent of the night sky dotted with hundreds of stars. Design Fairy Dust perfume evokes the grandeur, elegance and seduction. The woman who was with him decorate, has the same properties.

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