Paris Hilton Dazzle

Paris Hilton Dazzle

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Paris Hilton Dazzle

Paris Hilton Dazzle 125ml. Eau De Parfum is a female perfume, which belongs to the family of floral, fruity aromas to the subfamily. For the first time in a perfume composition will be the stores in 2012. Its author was a perfumer named Frank Voelkl. Eau de toilette goes by the name of a famous Hollywood actress Persia Hilton. Perfume epitomizes her eccentric world without tinsel and other decorations. None of this is necessary. The very nature can inspire to action, to paint life in pink tones. Dazzle Paris Hilton belongs to a group of floral and fruity aromas. The fragrance was created by perfume house Frank Voelkl, with whom Hilton has long and fruitful cooperation. Top notes of the perfume: peach, red apple and cherry, notes of the heart: violet, orchid, note the base spirits - champagne. "Let me painting my world, that would be pink! will create a spark, people feel sweet, beautiful and fun pink. That is Dazzle, my new perfume, my world, is ...! I and a variety of different aspects of my "Paris Hilton school Ruisi. Hilton says. "Of course, I, like all the girls are like beautiful jewelry, especially the pink diamond, but most people feel, not the physical aspects captivating, for me, is that part of the inner world. And this is what I want to express in my new perfume - the people blinking girl - in fact, pure natural! " Pink apple crisp, sweet and tender, is open Dazzle perfume that people jubilant feeling of pleasure. Used to brew black cherry and peach cherry wine, bright and delicious, teasing in the game put the pink ribbon into the 7 that the incense. That famous perfumer, Frank Voelkl, putting you enter a flicker of ignorance in blinking, the shining fantasy bright, lively violet petals, flashing hypnotic effect and hidden temptation pink orchids, and neroli then bring sunshine to show off eye-catching. After ignorant, like pink champagne bubbles, light as air, and quickly jumped out the aroma of vanilla, patchouli around, and transparent musk are constantly going round in circles, these fragrant ignorant together! Paris Hilton Dazzle let inner beauty shine!

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