Paco Rabanne Ultrared

Paco Rabanne Ultrared

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Paco Rabanne Ultrared

Paco Rabanne Ultrared 80ml. Eau De Parfum - currently tornado feelings of energy and life. Only for the most extreme! Ultrared pungent fragrance from Paco Rabanne - a sweet treat in style tutti-frutti. His bright red image is revealed hints of wild wood strawberries and currants, mixed with air soft marshmallow, anise and jasmine. strong and imperious character aroma of cedar wood and underlined vanilla, reflecting his indomitable passion and internal energy. Ultrared Woman - for those who prefer the bright colors of life! Attracting their eyes curved forms, bottle intuitively inspires the desire to touch it, to possess it. Its ultra-femininity emphasized saturated, tart sour red rose. Pink can only convey the longing that banging beneath the metal mirror and ultra-feminine red glass. Packing fully conveys the character of the bottle: pink and red woven together through intersecting lines labeled ULTRARED. Paco rabanne ultrared time passion, blood and excite the senses emotions make their way out, I want to laugh and sing. When the flowers bloom in the soul and feeling of boundless happiness does not leave not for a moment. All this is reflected in the new perfume from Paco Rabanne. Notes of red currant and strawberry flavor bring in shades of playfulness and white jasmine and marshmallow in the heart of the fragrance gives it a sensuality and cedar, amber and vanilla flavor make plume sultry and incredibly weary. A woman who will wear this perfume itself, will inevitably cause admiring glances. This expressive, soft, warm, seductive, thick, slightly tart, slightly sweet, full-bodied, delicate floral and berry cocktail with subtle wood notes from Paco Rabanne raises the spirits, creates a feeling of comfort and coziness. Ultrared composition includes strawberries, red currants, star anise, jasmine, licorice, candy, vanilla and cedar. Flavor is more suitable for daytime, but you can wear it in the evening, it is best revealed in the autumn and spring.

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