Nina Ricci Premier Jour EDP

Nina Ricci Premier Jour EDP

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Nina Ricci Premier Jour EDP

Nina Ricci Premier Jour For Women EDP 100ml. is designed for women who want to highlight their beauty and inner strength. Do you want an exceptional perfume? Love life and are looking for a fragrance that reflects this? Enter a world of delightful flowers, and let yourself engulfed in purity and beauty. Unusual composition of gardenia and mandarin delight your body and mind. Then, open fresh orchid essences combined with delicious almond and caramel. Then penetrate the wood tones. They are the base notes of the fragrance Premier Jour. Nina Ricci perfume brand is famous for romatic flower essences that evoke the true femininity and conquer any man. Get weapon of seduction and certainly will not regret it. Nina Ricci Premier Jour perfume choose. first perfume, in which the famous house revised its approach to sexuality and femininity. Living up to its name, the fragrance became essentially unexplored and new. He opened new horizons in the era of Nina Ricci. Eau de parfum Premier Jour is a luxury orchard filled with the scent of flowers and ripe fruit, affectionate and gentle southern sun. Its fragrance reminds light summer breeze that carries a charge of vivacity and freshness. Perfume emits a gentle and timid flavor that by skin begins to play sexy and sensual notes. Premier Jour envelops his mistress and the surrounding aura of anticipation in love and romantic adventure. Easy emancipation and captivating charm, vulnerability and determination are the main characteristics of flavor, which is suitable for active young girl. Hostess perfume loves to enjoy life, every day is filled with her love, joy and happiness. His presence makes it a perfect world, it relieves boredom and dullness. With Premier Jour your every day will be magical and amazing, and the night will be filled with passion and love. Spirits have intriguing and interesting formulation. Top notes of mandarin and sweet peas will give you warmth. In the heart of the fragrance lurk chords gardenias and orchids. Warm and classical music base consists of musk, sandalwood, vanilla and wood that leave trail of kindness, charm and warmth.

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