Nina Ricci Nina Pretty

Nina Ricci Nina Pretty

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Nina Ricci Nina Pretty

Nina Ricci Nina Pretty 80ml. Eau De Toilette - Charm and mysterious fragrance perfume Nina Ricci Nina Pretty is especially suitable for owners of the fair sex who go on a first date. You will enjoy a delicious dessert and a refreshing juice. Surrender to the power of its romantic mood and enjoy the seductive floral-game fruit chords. Radiant enveloping passion fragrance perfume Nina Ricci Nina Pretty includes sparkling grapefruit, sweet raspberry and green apple, gentle melting jasmine and rose petals. Delicious caramel, decorated with wood notes of apple and sprinkle with vanilla. The Adventure Begins. Perfume Nina Ricci Nina Pretty full of femininity and luxury, it is ideal for confident women - temptresses. One of the most popular brands, Nina Ricci - is synonymous with elegance, style and luxury living. For more than half a century perfume Nina Ricci attract all lovers of truly exquisite perfumes. And in February 2008, in the collection of Nina Ricci has a new perfume - perfume Pretty Nina. Perfume Pretty Nina will have on the heart as a long-standing admirer of creativity Nina Ricci, and that is just beginning to open Empire fragrances produced under this brand. Fruity floral perfume Pretty Nina is particularly suited to young girls, emphasizing the beauty of spring blossoming womanhood. Fresh initial chords apple and grapefruit in the heart of the fragrance are replaced by subtle shades of raspberry and jasmine. Sensual notes captivating fragrance intoxicating trail of vanilla, caramel and musk. Freshness, luxury and passion - that's the dizzying cocktail that was able to create the creators of this fragrance. Perfume Pretty Nina pleased with not only the sense of smell, and look: branded bottle crimson color with metallic, white and pearl leaves looks great on the shelf dressing table and a purse. 
One drop of perfume Pretty Nina - and before you no one can resist !

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