Nina Ricci Nina Pop

Nina Ricci Nina Pop

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Nina Ricci Nina Pop

Nina Ricci Nina Pop 80ml. EDT is a real miracle perfume, fragrances of this fashion house has always been on top of events. Recall, the fragrance Nina Ricci Premier Jour, with him the era of new flavors, more transparent, with a change in the sound palette and change the ingredients stages. Also, in the perfume market has long been represented by the so-called line of "apple", and the first fragrance Nina, this collection has broken all sales records. This fragrance made history and continues its triumphant march to this day. Each year, perfumers from Nina Ricci represent flankers first fragrance. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the 1st fragrance, and here is the super modern Perfume by Nina by Nina Ricci the Pop . The authors tried to please you, this floral fruity fragrance is woven from the most "delicious" and the music of your preference. He and youth and in some adult and funny and sexy and even a gourmet. Each of you will find here the happiness, the most important thing, that by Nina by Nina Ricci the Pop , the everyday world is colored holiday notes and euphoric anticipation of something long-awaited, something fabulous. Version limited, this charming fragrance have to be on your dressing table, well, look what he is cute! What's new is waiting for us? What has come up in the brand? What relation to the flavor of a whole galaxy of celebrities? Let's deal ... First of all, of the activities. Their multitude will be held.

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