Nina Ricci Nina L'eau

Nina Ricci Nina L'eau

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Nina Ricci Nina L'eau

Nina Ricci Nina L'eau 80ml. Eau De Toilette is a new bright and inimitable fragrance, created for charming women. Belongs to the family of floral fruit aromas. The perfume was released in light of the French fashion house Nina Ricci in 2013. Light, delicate, airy, refreshing, spontaneous, carefree youth aroma will certainly appeal to many representatives of the fair sex. Fragrance Nina Ricci Nina LEau awesome weave woven upper chord neroli, mandarin, green apple and grapefruit. In the heart reveals notes of gardenia, black cherry and water notes. Completed compositional sound basic chords musk. another apple product for women designed for the summer season. Nina Ricci Nina Le Fresh - is a light, fruity flavor that will help you go back to the harsh winter warm summer days, breathe them and transported in a luxury apple orchard full of ripe fruit. Top notes of the fragrance Nina L `Eau Fraiche: grapefruit, green apple, mandarin and neroli. The fragrance notes are gardenia, water notes with cherries. Ends flavor basic chord. fragrance, released in early 2013, presented a variation of an earlier successful perfume Nina. Famous apple is made ​​in soft pink tones. Composition enchants its seductive cocktail of fruit with subtle floral motifs. The top notes of sweet melodies woven mandarin, juicy apple and grapefruit seductive. The accompaniment chords in the heart of the water pyramid expressive melodies sound amazing and charming neroli gardenia. Warming musky base notes of cherry sparkles passionate. Plunge wonderful fabulous and incredibly sensual aroma! Unusually gentle composition, which casts the memories of the first romantic date in his youth. In the frosty winter evenings so lacking warmth and tenderness, which is why well-known perfumers and created this perfume. Even in the fierce winter, you will be enveloped by the warm aroma that will warm not only you, but also others who feel the pleasant flavor notes.

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