Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy

Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy

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Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy

Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy 50ml. Eau De Toilette - Perfumers famous brand Nina Ricci sure that the fair sex love to dream, because they know that the real dreams tend to come true. To help them set up a wonderful scented water, spring-like light and dreamy, childlike playful. Designed bright floral fruity fragrance for young cheerful beauties. It aims to become the ideal companion for young girls carefree, romantic and impatient that not only believe in miracles, but they themselves are doing. Experts put together at the beginning of the composition modulations tangerine, pear and bergamot. At the tender and romantic "heart" appears heliotrope with Bulgarian rose and cherry blossom. Train formed by shades mate, brown sugar and bourbon vanilla absolute. To make an elegant fantasy created a bottle that its shape resembles the traditional apple. This time made ​​in white and decorated with colored illustrations. Date fragrance: floral, fruity Top notes: bergamot, mandarin and pear Note the "heart": heliotrope, rose and cherry flower Final note: mate, vanilla and sugar. spring-like light, dreamy and childishly playful perfume, created by French brand NINA RICCI young cheerful girls. The authors of most of this floral-fruity fantasies are leading perfumers Olivier CRESP and Jacques Cavallier. The composition Nina Fantasy joined juicy notes of mandarin, bergamot, pear in the opening chord, gentle and romantic notes of heliotrope, Bulgarian rose and cherry blossom in the "heart" of the fragrance. Flex opens sweet harmony shades mate, absolute Bourbon vanilla and brown sugar. Nina Fantasy is presented in a milky white bottle with gold cap traditional form, decorated with intricate colorful drawings: butterflies, young deer, Bambi, ripe apples and flowers.

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