Nina Ricci Love In Paris

Nina Ricci Love In Paris

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Nina Ricci Love In Paris

Nina Ricci Love In Paris 80ml. Eau De Parfum is a wonderful romantic fragrance for women. Imagine walking through Paris, the most romantic city in the world, your heart is full of love, and you are enveloped by charming romantic essence of Love in Paris by Nina Ricci. In Love in Paris perfume you will find love and romance deep. Love in Paris perfume is based on romantic atmosphere of the place, combined with tones floral, fruity and woody rose, peony, bergamot fresh, anise, apricot, jasmine glowing sandalwood, cedar, musk and vanilla. This lovely romantic perfume, Love in Paris, is perfect for evenings magical but equally suitable and throughout the day at the office. You get thousands of compliments from men, because the essence of love in Paris because you will be the center of attention. In this flower perfumed water is embodied breathtaking inviting streets of Paris, where the atmosphere is captured noble luxury and exquisite charm. It is a kind of mascot and anthem of the city of fashion and love. Perfume-inspired flight of fancy intended to awaken and discover the true sensuality. It tells about the endless beautiful walks through the cities of, welcoming lights, radiance which is immersed in the waters of the Seine, dating from the best Parisian restaurants. This feminine scent selected sensual beauty who dream of eternal love. Love in Paris gives its owners of the romance of Paris - wonderful city lights that can come true desires, turning dreams into reality. Also, makes shine and fills with happiness, because it has the power of seduction. Amazing Eau served in the stylish bottle, which is shaped like a handbag and crowned with a broad white cap. Feel the magic of Paris in any of your town! Date fragrance: floral, fruity top note: anise, bergamot note "Hearts": peony, apricot, jasmine, rose Base notes: vanilla, musk and woody notes.

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