Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina

Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina

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Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina

Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina 50ml. Eau De Toilette - fresh, sweet taste of your love and desire. House Nina Ricci presented fragrance in 2014, a new and coveted La Tentation de Nina, the intrigue lies in the fact that the limited edition fragrance. How can a new masterpiece? La Tentation de Nina is the product of co-operation of one of the leading perfumers Olivier Cresp and chef of the famous Parisian pastry shop Ladurée - Vincent Lemains. We are talking about the famous cakes - macaroon, the company has even developed a new cake and named it in honor of the new Nina fragrance. The authors tried to make a nice flavor and desirable, the composition of the new Nina Ricci became a gourmet, she heard a few older its predecessors, but the idea of the authors is that the woman was "delicious" and the most coveted. Thanks to La Tentation de Nina created an atmosphere of love and sensuality. The authors included in the composition of your favorite ingredients, judge for yourself, the beginning of the fragrance opens with fresh and invigorating waves of bergamot, like a wind from the sea brings you the long-awaited coolness and optimism. "Heart" aroma plays a leading role here is concentrated the entire spectrum of colors, which the authors are trying to win your interest. Mental and subtle shades of raspberry, fresh notes of lemon, nobility almonds and leitmotif of love and passion in the form of the absolute of Bulgarian rose, all these ingredients form a flavor of the new macaroon, which was presented to Chef (raspberry, almond, lemon, Absolue Bolgaskoy rose). The authors have not ignored and cable aroma, it is full of magnetism and longing. A gentle cloud of love and affection can not but worry. Prolonged sound sophistication and a desire to certainly determine the composition of La Nina de Tenteyshn by Nina Ricci  top position in the ranking of elite perfumery (vanilla bourbon, white musk, sandalwood). The new "apple" managed a 100% sure to try the elixir of happiness and love, this fragrance can say much more than words, it looks like a new element to your unearthly beauty and sensuality.

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