Nina Ricci L'Eau Du Temps

Nina Ricci L'Eau Du Temps

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Nina Ricci L'Eau Du Temps

Nina Ricci L'Eau Du Temps 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Holiday version of the legendary fragrance from Nina Ricci L'Eau du Temps Edition limitee 2007 - is a lively and cheerful spring cocktail. Delicate, sensual bouquet bubbling over with fresh notes of mandarin, bergamot, orange and coriander, cassia delicate floral notes, gardenia, carnation, jasmine and ylang-ylang, attractive musk, amber and precious wood. Fresh and sparkling fragrance for modern women. L'Eau Du Temps - this summer variation of the classic L'Eau Du Temps. This perfume was released in a limited edition . From the first notes of the fragrance envelops fragrant cloud of mandarin orange, bergamot , black currant and pepper. Settles on the skin pleasant sounding gardenia , carnation , tuberose , combined with jasmine and ylang -ylang . Reserves resistant fragrant plume composed of warm amber, musk and wood. Fragrance Nina Ricci L'Eau Du Temps belongs to the family of fruit , fresh flavors. Top notes are orange, coriander, black currant , mandarin, bergamot and pepper ; Heart note: carnation, tuberose, gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang ; Final note: amber , musk and woody notes. Limited-release version of the famous fragrance L'Air du Temps was developed by Givaudan at the request of Nina Ricci perfume house. All the freshness of plants, concentrated in the flavors of spring and renewal, designed to give strength and energy from early morning to late evening. Floral and fruity cocktail for young women and happy. Nina Ricci L'Eau Du Temps Blue Edition summer filled with the freshest variation splashes of citrus and fruit flavors, mixed with light touches of herbs and spices. All the wealth of nature expressed in delicate floral touches replaces the first wave charming and carries a radiant and exhilarating dance fragrant summer day. Sparkling fragrance gives cassia scented water almost childish playful mood that escaping to leave behind a feeling of warmth and tranquility, seasoned with enchanting aromas of amber. Each composition of the famous perfume house Nina Ricci sooner or later becomes a bestseller. Fragrance Nina Ricci L'eau Du Temps Blue Edition is no exception. It allows the holder to plunge into exquisite perfume knowledge sincere sensuality: behold, touch, admire, inhale and enjoy the noise of leaves and soft sounds of nature, quietly dispersed in the air. Nina Ricci L'eau Du Temps Blue Edition and you is a complete fusion of man and nature, whose primordial force is carefully preserved in unique flavors, and is transmitted in the hope to provide you with loving care, to open the world your beauty and femininity.

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