Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT

Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT

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Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT

Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT 100ml. is the first perfume of the popular brand Narciso Rodriguez. It represents the essence of modern sophistication, which began one of the most successful and innovative collections in the world of perfumery past decade. The aroma is addressed by an independent, willful and sexy ladies who used to rely only on themselves. His winner determined and confident, much managed to achieve quite a few pleasant discoveries waiting for her to come. Perfume composition made ​​of floral and amber bouquet and rare notes of musk, woody flavor seasoning. It harmoniously mixed shades: from comprehensive to sensual passion. The flavor placed in a very simple bottle, made ​​in black. This package is presented in pink. It should be noted that this perfume was symbolic rewards, namely the FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Women`s Nouveau Niche (2004 and 2006, the category of "niche perfumery"). Date fragrance: floral, musky Top notes: Egyptian musk, orange, coriander note "Hearts": osmanthus, vanilla, bergamot Final note: amber, vetiver, flower honey. Narciso Rodriguez For Her is an extremely feminine perfume, glass version in black and pink box, launched for the first time in 2004. Later, in 2006, created in glass perfume pink and black box. Both versions are the same ingredients, just as pink version is more floral than the black. The fragrance symbolizes the feminine elegance. Narciso Rodriguez For Her envelops your body with a delicate honey essence, if unremarkable in the sun. This perfume has rapidly turned into an extremely popular among women worldwide. But popularity is understandable, because it highlights the desire of every woman to attract and seduce the. This fragrance is really a character of sexuality. Narciso Rodriguez For Her is the epitome of modern women, which is not afraid to express their feelings and desires. Let dreamy sensuality, subtlety, tenderness and sophistication. The unique composition of this fragrance charming, full of femininity, consists of honey, orange blossom, vanilla, vetiver, amber and wood. Narciso Rodriguez For Her, unique among perfume is perfect for special occasions when you want to impress your partner and bring attention to you.

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