Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP

Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP

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Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP

Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP 100ml. is a floral woody fragrance for women who love luxury and love to be pampered. Cocktail rich in the most intense species in the world, is suitable spring or fall, but also can be worn in summer. Envelops your body in a soft tone, pure and sensual feminine appeal. This wonderful fragrance, For Her, becomes part of your personality charming! Indulge your senses with delicate essences of honey, which are combined in a spectacular way with the freshness of orange blossom and vanilla delicious. Vetiver and musk mixture turns eseneta where you want to be always shrouded. Warm tones of amber and wood are perfect conclusion and full of sensuality. For Her fragrance will last on your skin for a long time, so you'll feel the aroma hours after application. The famous designer, Narciso Rodriguez, brought into the world of perfumes, only a few species. However, they quickly became extremely popular, especially because of unusual charm and unconventional composition. Try this unique and sensual love potion, which will fascinate the hearts of many men. Fall in love with the symbol of perfection and feminine seduction, the perfume Narciso Rodriguez For Her! The first feminine fragrance Narciso Rodriguez For Her by Narciso Rodriguez designed for modern, free, sexy women. The basis of the composition was laid bright and sensual musk accord. Narciso Rodriguez for the smell of a lifetime associated with his first youthful love. Except it disclosed warm smells of orange, osmanthus and amber. Fascinate spicy woody aromas of vanilla, amber and vetiver. Narciso Rodriguez first fragrance For Her was released in the form of toilet water and became so successful that the designer has decided to republish it, releasing it in the form of eau de parfum. new variant became more intense and bright, but in his heart still lives Egyptian musk. perfumers Christine Nagel and Francis Kyurzhan created for musk worthy setting of flowers and fruit. The new version appeared rose and peach flower petals. 
Accordingly, changed color bottle - he was pale pink, then as the color of toilet water bottle - black.

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