Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color

Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color

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Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color

Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a new fragrance for women, created in 2011. This song has become easier, more gentle, pure, sensual and radiant, compared with its predecessor Essence. This harmonious and refined fragrance is recommended for casual wear in warm weather. Eau de parfum Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color Eau de Parfum has a bright, softly enveloping floral aroma, with a luxurious, fragrant and sensual trail. The fragrance of this fragrance is composed of powdery notes of iris, flowers tiara, white musk, incense, benzoin, amber, rose, patchouli, sandalwood. This perfumed water embodied a new vision of successful perfumes For Her and Essence, as well as the unique style of the fashion house Narciso Rodriguez. The creators of the new masterpiece knowingly gave it its name: basic conceptual load texture hidden in gorgeous shades of lilac magical package that combined the joy of victory over the complexes with the elegance of a calm and quiet enthusiasm majestic beauty. Perfume addressed held and confident beauties, charms and always a little mysterious. Essence in Color is appropriate for them in the daytime and in the evening. Begin magnificent song jingle and iridescent initial sweetish notes of fresh roses and a juicy peach, which gradually merged with dizzying amber motives. Rich sound chypre-floral harmony is based on carefully selected components: expressive sandalwood, musk deep chord, oriental magic patchouli. Admit to your world purple mystery of magic eau de parfum! Date fragrance: floral Top notes: floral notes note "Hearts": iris and rose Base notes: musk and amber. a unique and sophisticated fragrance, exclusively for members of the fairer sex. The perfume was created and released for sale in early 2011. Essence in Color Narciso Rodriguez created for women over the age of 25 years. Aroma is most clearly revealed in the cold season. This lasting fragrance - under no circumstances does not change the smell. Perfume to suit both diurnal and an evening together. Fragrance includes the following notes are soft and luxurious rose iris; base notes are musk and sensual amber luxury.

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