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My Burberry EDT

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My Burberry EDT

My Burberry EDT 90ml. fragrance is full of emotions and romance. Its aroma is inspired by the scent of the English garden after the rain. This elegant timeless classic just does not get tired and will perfectly complement you in every situation of your day. The beginning of the elegant Burberry My Burberry fragrance first enchants the tones of fresh sweet peas whose irresistible aroma is complemented by the lustiness and freshness of the lemon. The heart of the scent attracts the attention of your surroundings with seductive tones of flowering freesia, peony and peach blossoms. The base of this exclusive scent is made of silk moss, precious musk and sensual tones of roses. The Burberry My Burberry fragrance was launched in 2014. The design of the bottle resembles the legendary Burberry trainers. The tip is the same as the trench knob and the brace is made of the same material as the trench coat. With the luxurious Burberry My Burberry fragrance, you will be confident, beautifully elegant and extraordinarily seductive. Surround yourself with the freshness of this unique scent and fill your senses with the beauty of the English Garden! True British restraint, aristocracy and nobility were embodied in the fragrance of My Burberry, created in 2014 by a famous brand native to Albion - Burberry. This exquisite fruit and flower composition, the pattern of which is woven from the finest translucent fragrant threads, will be an excellent addition to your everyday image. Tart bergamot and tender modest fragrant peas, pure flax and piquant geranium leaves, languorous blossoming rose - and fragrant freesia ... There is nothing superfluous in this perfume symphony, it does not scream about itself, but only shades the image of its possessor. In the final chord of My Burberry's toilet water, you will hear a duet of quince and moist patchouli that does not allow the fragrance to become excessively sweet or simple. Burberry My Burberry - your stylish fragrant accent!

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