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Mr. Burberry

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Mr. Burberry

Mr. Burberry 100ml. EDT comes to market in 2016 as a male version of My Burberry. Since then, he has gained the constant favor of all gentlemen regardless of age. Herbal fragrance of estragon is fabulously complemented by a distinctive aroma of karadam. A refreshing drop of grapefruit just underlines the specifically remarkable scent of Burberry's men's water. The unique complex also complements the woody scent of cedar or sandalwood. Mr. Burberry suits you to express your uniqueness in both festive and everyday days. Prove to yourself that you are extraordinary and go for extraordinary toilet water. Burberry! The real king of the urban jungle chooses the fragrance Mr. Burberry from the same British brand. This man knows firsthand how important it is not to sit still in the world - you will hardly ever find him lying on a couch in sports pants or lazily drowsing somewhere in a hammock - no, this is not his style. He is, rather, the man whose batteries do not burn out - his energy is directed primarily at the quarry, but if he decides to win you, be ready for an extreme on every date! Such a guy is easy to figure out in a crowd - after all, he chooses a wood-fungal fragrance for himself. Burberry! In the starting notes you will be wrapped up in an invigorating cocktail of notes of tarhun, cardamom and juicy grapefruit. In the "heart" the fragrance becomes deeper, graceful notes of cedar, birch leaf and muscat appear in it, and in the finale, like a magical wind movement, the composition is supplemented with notes of vetiver, boa and sandal, giving you the feeling that life is beautiful!

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