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Moschino Star

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Moschino Star

Moschino Star 100ml. Eau De Parfum is bright, light and cheerful female floral fragrance, released the Italian fashion house Moschino. Beautiful fragrance is dressed in a very original bottle with a cork in the form of a beam emitted from the neck of a bottle of gold stars. Top notes of the composition give a gentle, gentle fragrance of roses and elegant scent of peony, sounding in the background citron tart citrus freshness. The heart of the perfume gives a beautiful floral bouquet lily of the valley scents reverent, waves, orange blossom honey and sensual, intoxicating jasmine. At the end of musky-woody base forms a soft, gentle trail of thin, slightly spicy smell of the sea driftwood, damp-earthy vetiver and delicate ambroksana. Cheerful floral fragrance is a great companion and recalled the warmth of summer. Moschino Stars is further proof that the time is not stopped, and we crave more and more new perfumes delicacies. Well, a new flavor just reminds stars salute optimism, romance and sexuality. Formula Moschino Stars game reminiscent of citrus and floral tones, as well as a small surprise from the wave components and passages with exotics. The aroma is not overloaded, you will hear the breath of summer wind noise and splash of waves, and your emotions will be at its peak, and the mood will be just fine. Just imagine that you can still ask for from a flavor with the Italian temperament, in the ultra-modern processing and playing the most diverse and charming shades. Home fragrance Moschino Stars magnificent and expensive duo roses and peonies, which are masterfully complemented by mellow and confident sounding Cedri (rose, peony, citron). "Heart" of the composition is not less interesting, there is also a world of striking colors, the world of love and pleasure (lily, orange blossom, jasmine). Flex has the aroma of exotic shades, as well as high-tech components that can create a dramatic image and highlight your sexuality. Say more, it is a real trap for your partner, you only get in a cloud of intrigue and fascination (chord sea driftwood, vetiver, ambroksan).

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