Moschino Pink Bouquet

Moschino Pink Bouquet

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Moschino Pink Bouquet

Moschino Pink Bouquet 100ml. EDT is a magical fragrance, fruity-floral with delicate accents of moss and musk. Its composition bland is designed specifically for the young generation that sees the world in pink. Enjoy the unique scent Pink Bouquet, perfect for women who want a feeling of freshness and love. It is a fragrance that can be worn all year, in any moment of the day and night. Cocktail seductive full of love and tenderness hidden in a beautiful glass bottle decorated with sparkles. Inside we find a liquid that will conquer the whole world. Together with packaging also in a shade of pink, evoke emotion, desire and youthful playful spirit. Moschino perfume brand is the perfect gift for any young lady regarding life in a pink robe. Flavor rich and famous make lovely glass Pink Bouquet scent of success. Top notes are composed of delicious fruits, including raspberries and pineapple find. A breath of fresh fruity-floral composition brings youth, citrus tones of bergamot. Central notes consist of delicate violet, elegant peony, jasmine and lily seductive. Base notes are dominated by intense essences of oak moss combined with the inviting aroma of ginger, peach and musk. Pink Bouquet has an average, which means more hours of lingering on your skin. Moschino perfumes are considered successful because crazy and playful style that is reflected in some of essences created. But do not be fooled by the strange and spectacular perfume packaging because its composition is created for elegant men and women full of charisma. Drift of charming floral, fruity and woody fragrance of seductive Moschino! Gate robe pink true love, which is called Pink Bouquet. It gives you the essence of delicious juicy fruit, lovely flowers and musk tones. Enjoy a composition full of playful spirit and youthful and tender love.

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