Moschino Glamour

Moschino Glamour

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Moschino Glamour

Moschino Glamour 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Magical and seductive power of the new fragrance from Moschino Glamour excites sensual melody notes vibrating colors tangerine and bitter wormwood, which are filled with charming playful sea salt. deep and exotic "heart" of the fragrance reveals unexpected contrast and deep sensual notes of velvety hibiscus combined with an exquisite aroma and orchids water lily. aroma envelops weightless haze white musk, giving its owner a delicate femininity and charm. Women's perfume Moschino Glamour disclose your idea from design and ending vial dizzying aroma. Perfectly polished and crystal clear glass, decorated with gold leaf, keeps a secret luxury exquisite perfume. "Glamour" fragrance, created the Moschino brand in 2008, is incredibly soft, volatile, has sublime sensuality, but not transparent. With the mistress of this fragrance are surprising metamorphosis. Women look like girls, and girls are dressed in rich plume of femininity. The aroma based on the classic base notes of precious cedar and amber, and perform other equally amazing harmonies. Luxury fragrance smell intensified orchids and lotus thin but incredibly kind, if properly strengthen hibiscus notes. These perfumes are ideal for a reception and goodbye to a loved one. They will make a man go crazy on you. No matter you're in evening dress from renowned fashion designer or in jeans and a T-shirt - a work of art of perfumery is a great addition to your image. The smell is very versatile and perfect for both day trips and social events to visit in the evening. Eau de parfum Glamour - a great choice for women who know how to look like a million in any situation. Suitable for spring and autumn, for daytime. Suitable for young women. Sweet, but cool, like perfume positive, cheerful individuals. Combined with the glamorous style of dress. Can be used in the office, but in small quantities: loud enough. Has good resistance.

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