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Moschino Funny

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Moschino Funny

Moschino Funny 100ml. Eau De Toilette with an odor that is characterized by the desire of dangerous games but full of pleasure. Immediately stimulate positive emotions of joy and good humor and optimism play a young girl who loves fun and enjoy carefree life. Product name, Moschino Funny! has been the inspiration for the bottle design that perfectly captures the essence of the fragrance. Top notes of bitter orange flavor expose in combination with red currant and pink pepper. These tones are then replaced with a magical fragrance of jasmine and violet where you can wake up and can increase sensitivity so feminine charm. Moschino Funny!, This fragrance is full of charm and vitality. playful, "appetizing" flavor hit the spot for many young ladies and young ladies. His floral-fruity composition and radiates optimism, energy and playfully cute. Funny gives positive mood sound refreshing feeling and emphasizes the cute, charming qualities of young girls. Moschino Funny combines charm and optimism, energy and unpredictability inherent in young people look forward to a bright sunny summer approaching. Delightful shining perfume Moschino Funny mischievously and boldly circling around, combining all the contrasts of summer, giving bright young girls charm and charisma, reflecting their ingenuous and youthful essence of fresh and playful notes of juicy sparkling bitter orange, green tea leaves, grapes, pink pepper and red currant. Moschino Funny, composed of the heady scents of jasmine, peony and celestial violets reveals femininity, tenderness and loveliness of its owner. magical fragrance of amber, moss, cedar wood and musk adds a playful image of sensuality and charm. Date fragrance: floral, fruity Top notes: orange, pink pepper, red currant note "Hearts": jasmine, peony, green tea Final note: amber, moss, cedar wood.

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