Montblanc Legend Spirit

Montblanc Legend Spirit

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Montblanc Legend Spirit

Montblanc Legend Spirit 100ml. EDT is known to many flavor flanker Montblanc Legend. New perfume Montblanc Legend Spirit is designed for men who know the price of success, freedom and his own time. They are constantly looking for inspiration for the achievements and enjoy every moment of life. In the present flavor embodied courage, absolute peace of mind. Wood-fern fragrance opens chords refreshing bergamot, grapefruit soft bitterness, spiciness of pink pepper. Beginning replace the cool water notes, spicy cardamom and fresh lavender. At the end of Montblanc Legend Spirit enveloping sound warm white musk, oak moss resistant, Kashmir wood and light wood. Such a clean and invigorating fragrance can safely wear even in warm days, because of its enveloping and sensual trail fill the air with softness and tenderness. Recently the famous brand Mont Blanc pleased with the stronger sex their fern composition Mont Blanc Legend Spirit, which is able to be a breath of fresh air, something fresh and bright for all who needed it. The aroma similar to a gust of spring wind, the one who breaks the rhythm of life and makes time to change its course. It can awaken its owner and return him to the internal energy and the light that inspired, which gives confidence that make going forward, not looking back. Mont Blanc Legend Spirit - it's a little different view of the routine. Collection Montblanc Legend , for all its vastness appeared recently, in 2011, with the release of the eponymous scent. Legend - is a kind of business card of the brand, a truly iconic fragrance, gave birth to as many as seven different variations and flankers, including three women's fragrance. In 2016 lineup replenished another perfume called a Montblanc Legend is Spirit . He is fresh, but strong, for these men, for those who are truly strong in spirit.

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