Montblanc Legend Special Edition 2012

Montblanc Legend Special Edition 2012

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Montblanc Legend Special Edition 2012

Montblanc Legend Special Edition 2012 100ml. Eau De Toilette - A year after the phenomenal success of flavor Legend, German brand Mont Blanc limited edition releases a new variation of the popular perfume. Elegant, classical composition in the new version Mont Blanc Legend Special Edition 2012  will receive light and cold chords designed by legendary perfumer Olivier Pesho. Wood-inspired fern notes coming year and future sometimes hot days. Perfume opens icy breath mint, frozen ginger, bergamot and mandarin. In the heart of Mont Blanc Legend Special Edition 2012 sound scents of lavender, rose and jasmine. Base notes of amber perfume made, tonka bean, sandalwood and oak moss. Remember? It was last year .. In 2011, Montblanc has summed up its line of accessories creating iconic men's fragrance with a provocative title - Legend. Fern aroma, rich synthetic molecule Evernil - olfactory sensory embodiment of oak moss. Already a world-famous bestseller, this fragrance is reissued to his first birthday. Created new items, Olivier Pescheux, reinterpreted the original composition to create more light and cool scent for the summer season. Classic sound wood fern score perfumer generously diluted cocky fragrance chilling breeze. His secret? Amazing duo of ginger and mint, a new ingredient from Givaudan - very fresh, close in sound to wormwood. Important ingredients? Flowers: lavender, jasmine and rose. Hidden aspects? Citrus: bergamot and mandarin flavor superimposed on sparkling wave. After saturation, lightness comes, the essence of the spirit Legends. Sandalwood, amber, tonka bean and evernil penetrate the aroma and awaken its classic, elegant sensuality.

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