Montblanc Legend Intense

Montblanc Legend Intense

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Montblanc Legend Intense

Montblanc Legend Intense 100ml. EDT - This eau de toilette is an innovative variation of the traditional perfume Legend, which has a more spicy warm granite accentuate the modern style and subtle originality of the brand. Stratagem contrasts of flavor displays the charisma and appeal of these men. The main notes of this fragrance are sweet and rich wood accents chords complemented by aromatic tones and mild fruity flavor and a light delicate scent of various spices and refreshing chords. So, first it felt a refreshing splash of bright bergamot, alternated soft flesh of the pineapple. Heart notes of jasmine sing romantic, a spicy chords Pepperwood tree and cardamom in a crisp red apple framed. The database reflects tonka bean warm white cedar, amber and precious innovative molecule Evernyl, which gives a unique fresh shade of oak moss. This gives an excellent flavor to the owners of some mystery and unique charm, creating around delightful stylish aura. Yet in 2011 the release of flavor Montblanc Legend was the beginning of the revival of the history of perfume houses, and the aroma - the embodiment of the best traditions of perfumery. Bright, memorable and stands out among other flavors, it quickly won the hearts of both men and women worldwide. His new version became even brighter and more dangerous in their unbridled passion and seduction. The fragrance embodies the charisma of unforgettable, refined man. It can destroy your universe, but the only way you will find a new self. The songs sound chords fern, cardamom, and use unique molecules Pepperwood, which resembles wood, cane and freshness based on an oak moss molecule Evernyl, giving the aroma and aftertaste inexplicable harmony of strength and tenderness that is so attractive to us in men.

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