Montblanc Lady Emblem

Montblanc Lady Emblem

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Montblanc Lady Emblem

Montblanc Lady Emblem 75ml. EDP is designed for modern, independent women who do not need to pretend not to show them. Their penetrating look says it all. They are stylish, beautiful and naturally express their own sense of style. The unique charm of smell Mont Blanc Emblem Lady is inspired by the diamond, which is also a characteristic sign of the brand Mont Blanc. In 2006 he was introduced to the original diamond Mont Blanc cut in the shape of the company logo. The excellent flacon, which builds on its design, this diamond is hidden enchanting aroma that you love. Beginning smell Mont Blanc Lady Emblem is in fact constituted the most delicate jam. Refreshing black currant blend with peaches chords. A hallmark of true sensuality comes smell the seductive aroma of rose. Warm sandalwood and rosewood is complemented by attractive notes of patchouli. Raspberry and notes of musk fragrance in the end looks very sophisticated. Discreet women's fragrance Mont Blanc Emblem Lady in themselves perfectly combines all the characteristics of the brand Mont Blanc. It's originality, precision and a sense of elegance and tradition. Faced fragrance has become a model Lesly Masson. It is a beautiful, versatile, feminine and surprisingly sensual fruity-chypre fragrance for bright charming lady. Fragrance chord invite you to a luxurious garden where fragrant pink roses, refreshing juice is poured pink currants, juicy peach matures and attracts with its sweet marmalade. In notes "Heart" perfume heard wood-floral scent of patchouli, sandalwood unique freshness and light spicy note of rosewood - rosewood. In the final composition will envelop you touching refined delicate raspberry note. Musk gives the whole stability of the composition. This cheerful fragrance of Montblanc you are sure to find yourself at the top of success, and in the arms of love!

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