Montblanc Individuelle

Montblanc Individuelle

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Montblanc Individuelle

Montblanc Individuelle 75ml. Eau De Toilette - Montblanc is a brand of beautiful things traditional offering quality products that are not only functional beauty, and an irresistible quality. Montblanc fragrance Femme Individuelle follows the ideology of this brand. A woman who uses this perfume will always be noticed by those around him. A fragrance suitable for women who are not afraid to break the rules and get over injuries, a woman that lives by its own rules and standards and loves to do things unpredictable surprise to those who surround it permanent. A feminine scent, sensual and irresistible. Mont Blanc aromas seeks to give its modern woman special individuality. We are talking about the amazing women's perfume called Femme Individuel, which gives us a unique and intriguing balance of East-wood and floral chords, opening the screen on the mystery of womanhood. Perfume Femme Individuel able to give you a sexy, energy, emotion and even wild passion. The aroma is enclosed sensual appeal, which will cause the enthusiastic cheers of the surrounding people. Top notes consist of Femme Individuel flavors laurel, rose, red currant, lotus flowers, musk, vanilla and amber. sparkling premonition irreversible, entraining into the abyss of this exciting flirting. Established in 2004, the perfume composition is capable of bright and original to emphasize the individuality of its owner. inimitable charm and mesmerizing power - the main advantages of the lovely ladies having fun bathing in the sparks Femme Individuelle. She always stands out instantly multimillion crowd. Her voice felt notes mystery, magnetism attracts smile, and hold back the movement traces of the aristocracy. Careless notes interwoven with laurel vibrantly relaxed sounds ripe red currant. Gentle warbling sensual lotus dissolve in hot chords daring rose. Touching trio of amber, patchouli and vanilla never ceases to excite the imagination of passionate melodies. Sophistication, luxury and rich decoration - all fine quality collected in the original design of the bottle, which is fine lines which emphasize femininity boundless owner Femme Individuelle.

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