Montblanc Individuel

Montblanc Individuel

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Montblanc Individuel

Mont Blanc Individuel 75ml. Eau De Toilette - Arguments about how life can take a very long time, sometimes for life. But maybe we should not think about it and just live, enjoying every second? That is perfumers like to say Mont Blanc brand her new fragrance Individuel. This product is intended to emphasize the individuality of its owner. It is emphasized and not give it - the scent only bar in the image of the modern male individualist who makes himself his life. Top notes of fresh bergamot disclosed, pineapple and mint, in the heart of "play" geranium, jasmine and violet, and the base note of patchouli and appear oak moss, raspberry and chocolate. Flat bottle of blue transparent glass with original cover, which depicts a brand logo - star on a black background. Eau de Toilette Mont Blanc Individuel - perfume is for real men, which combines the versatility and perfect resistance. It was presented in 2003, but now does not cease to be popular and in demand, and most importantly, the number of its fans grows all the time. It should be noted that the composition of the fragrance, which has so saturated and rich sound pretty versatile, which undoubtedly relates to its elite series. At the first sound perfume bouquet upper chords of exquisite music and gentle pineapple, lavender, cinnamon, cardamom, mint and juniper. In full force after the main composition is disclosed which consists of wood, citrus and floral notes. Complement its sweetish shades vetiver, dark chocolate, patchouli, vanilla and raspberry. It ends with base notes - amber and sandalwood. "Mont Blanc Individuel" is a perfume for men who enjoy their individual, unique style and originality. Indeed, a similar combination of tart, and at the same time sweet music, no doubt, fit only for the bold and brave men. In this case, there is no doubt that the fair sex is certainly interested in the owner of the smell.

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