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Mariah Carey M

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Mariah Carey M

Mariah Carey M For Women EDP 100ml. is an elegant floral-oriental fragrance hidden in a dark blue flacon with a fine cup in the shape of a butterfly. Smell, thanks to its original composition suitable for both day and evening on the festive occasion. Perfume develops from overtones, which combines sweet notes of marshmallow seawater. The heart is floral fragrance, you smell the gardenia and tiare flower. Basis fragrance consists of amber, patchouli and incense. Mariah Carey likens itself creating perfume to composing songs, individual components of the fragrance creates a perfect harmony. Scent is suitable for women who are not afraid of challenges and love to behave wildly, but never to lose her femininity, elegance and sophistication. This luxurious perfume is suitable for all seasons, floral fragrance components smile on your face in the summer, woody and spicy tones and warm in the colder season. Feel free to succumb to the charms of Mariah Carey M perfume and become the queen of the night! Mariah admits: "For me, the creation of this fragrance is comparable with the creation of the song - it took many notes. In the end, it sounds like a beautiful melody. " Opens the "M" very unusual combination of sweet marshmallow and freshness of the sea. At the heart lies the union of exotic tiare flower and gardenia. Eastern character is stronger when time passes. Open lower notes of amber, patchouli and Moroccan incense. Smell the perfume of water Mariah Carey M was woven from a huge number of notes and compose in the style of the song. Mariah Carey M perfume is a magical, wonderful world in which reigns endless summer - perfect and charming. And if you are a fan of oriental, warm fragrance, this perfume composition - this is exactly what you need. When perfume is fully revealed, then east, saturated hue is only strengthened. Fragrance Mariah Carey M starts with a score of pastilles and seawater. Further, the composition of perfume continues to unfold in front of his owner notes "heart", which include gardenia and tiare flower. And in the end fragrance perfume water Mariah Carey M goes a long loop consisting of patchouli, amber and incense.

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