Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again

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Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Mine Again, just like the rest of the flavors that are included in this series are named after the famous singer. The fragrance of this perfume water is spectacular and explosive, it embodies the tantalizing temptation of delicious fruits and sensuality of exotic flowers. With this fragrance you will be able to feel extraordinary, sensual special, which succeeded for a moment to plunge into the atmosphere of childhood. Top notes of the perfume Water Mine Again are composed of heliotrope, red, orange and pink currants. Continues the composition of perfume fragrant notes of "heart", which included cotton candy, chocolate, raspberry and magnolia. At the end of the fragrance are notes of fragrant trail, who disclosed to his owner vanilla, tonka bean and musk. The bottle design is similar in appearance to other flavors of this series. The bottle is made of glass and has a bright red color. The top of the bottle is topped with its original cap, in the shape of a butterfly. Mine Again Eau de parfum was created in 2010, the perfume brand Mariah Carey. The aroma reminds its owner of childhood filled with sweets and colorful candies. Aroma Lollipop Bling Mine Again part of a series of perfume, which was created by famous singer, consisting more of perfumes as Lollipop Bling That Chick, Lollipop Splash Inseparable, Lollipop Splash Never Forget You, Lollipop Splash Vision of Love and Lollipop Bling Ribbon. Oriental Gourmet composition starting to notes of black currant and blood orange. Heart notes of chocolate, raspberry, magnolia. Notes loop: tonka bean, vanilla. Bottle color symbolizes passion, and a butterfly on the lid of the vial - a hint of girlish frivolity and the ability to enjoy life.

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