Mariah Carey Forever

Mariah Carey Forever

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Mariah Carey Forever

Mariah Carey Forever 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a charming fragrance with a memorable name, proposed the famous singer and actress in the world, Mariah Carey. This fragrance evokes particularly happy moments in her life. Wedding, a new album and a new movie. Forever Mariah Carey perfume was launched in 2008. Since its inception, Forever Mariah Carey perfume essences delight you with soft delicate lotus extract, bitter orange and intense aroma of freshly picked apples. Central notes of gardenia and tuberose are composed captivating. Base notes of the fragrance Forever, are made of precious wood and seductive musk. Mariah Carey Forever is a fragrance that can be worn all day. Perfume for women, Mariah Carey Forever, evoke a sense of well and encourages you to enjoy a wonderful day. In September 2009, the singer Mariah Carey will release her new perfume , developed in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden . Spirits were called Forever , which was taken from the songs of Mariah Carey. Fragrance is based on the notes of gardenia and tuberose. Singer says, "Now my life a wonderful time when I'm surrounded by people I love, and things that I like. Perfume Mariah Carey Forever 2009 embody this moment. When I use this fragrance, I feel sophisticated and glamorous." Her new fragrance Forever wants to capture and retain the best in memory, happy moments of our lives. Everything that surrounds us, and all we so dearly, transmitted sound floral symphony unfolding radiance luxurious neroli, lotus flowers and sensual wet green apple. The warmth of our feelings and affections expressed in innocent and pure notes of gardenia and tuberose, and white musk and exotic wood allow you to keep our best memories. In the same light-hearted and gentle nature and has a different flavor from the popular shopping at home, which is known as Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Honey. These scents help women unleash their inner world, their feelings, emotions and desires that were previously hidden deep in the soul. Fragrance Mariah Carey Forever will delight all who love and tenderness ease this woman's beauty and softness. Mariah Carey Forever fragrance is composed of notes of wood, musk, Mexican tuberose, gardenia, green apple, lotus and neroli.

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