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Marc Jacobs Honey

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Marc Jacobs Honey

Marc Jacobs Honey 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Fashion brand Marc Jacobs continues his collection of fragrances perfume Honey, which, apparently, is the new version of Marc Jacobs Dot 2012. More specifically, Honey «transmits eclectic appeal Dot and adds his golden touch." Honey offers fresh, but sweet notes of pear shampoo and the fact that advertising is called "fruit punch" (notes of mandarin, orange blossom, peach, honeysuckle, honey, vanilla and woods). Heart floral aroma filled chords. Zonal notes seem mostly pale, but honey adds some warmth to them without drowning them in sweets. Flavor, of course, sweet, but after application to the skin, although he is pretty loud at first, quickly erode to an acceptable level. Irrepressible fun, floral spark volatility, moods, joy and splashes of honey water from a fountain. If you are approached by his patronymic, you do not understand Honey Marc Jacobs. If is often confused with a schoolgirl - you can not live without it this summer! Continuation of sensational-varmint "ladybug" Marc Jacobs, Honey Marc Jacobs - is risible and sweet summer in a pretty, pear, tangerine opening punch, flourishing honeysuckle, orange flower and peach skin tightening in languid honey, vanilla and tempt light wood notes. Light, bright, playful, like a ray of sunshine, dessert Marc Jacobs HONEY by Hédiard embodies all the notes of the perfume of the same name: the divine combination of honey caramel and vanilla cream highlighted the delicate taste of pears. Repeating the design of the bottle, covered with polka dots tempting dessert of white chocolate and decorated with a playful striped tie. All this splendor rises tender cookies with nuts and cinnamon. Cake Marc Jacobs HONEY created pastry chef French Gastronomic home Gregory Duayyan famous desserts unique beauty and taste. sunny and attractive perfume Marc Jacobs HONEY moves into the warm world of honey flavors. Graceful and touching the bottle resembles a crystal ball, which is visible through the seductive floral nectar. When buying or ordering in a cafe original design boutique treats every guest will receive a gift miniature fragrance Marc Jacobs HONEY.

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