Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Edition

Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Edition

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Edition

Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Edition 100ml. EDP is a new version of everyone's favorite fragrance, released in 2010. This limited edition is dedicated to all admirers bright and extravagant style of pop art, girls who love fashion dress, elegant accessories and unexpected colors. Luxury vial is intended to decorate the collection of the most demanding young ladies. Also beautiful girls will love this gentle and subtle flavor as a of Marc Jacobs by Daisy of Eau for So Fresh , created by the same well-known brand. Composition Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Edition is endowed with youth, light, fresh fragrance with notes of fruit and citrus. Perfume this fragrance includes notes of strawberry, red grapefruit, gardenia, violet, jasmine, musk, vanilla, white wood. Brilliant red perfume bottle, iconic daisy cap (golden flower, black petals). Daisy brings a fascinating natural freshness, as if the perfect experience comes from wild strawberries, violet leaves and ruby ​​grapes. Gardenia heart, violet petals and jasmine petals to bring velvet-like feel - full of modern flavor of the perfect combination. Musk, vanilla and white wood to make the aroma more complete integration together to bring silky soft and gentle sensory experience.

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