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Marc Jacobs Daisy

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Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy 100ml. EDT - Touching little daisies, symbols of purity and innocence, embodied in the new women's fragrance Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Inspired by the freedom and freshness of youth, he fills the heart with warmth and happiness. Fresh, feminine fragrance composition built around morning violet, velvety surface that is reflected in the notes of gardenia and jasmine. Curled into a spiral small bouquet reveals heady freshness of wild strawberry, pink grapefruit and violet leaves. Smooth flow of white wood, vanilla and musk brings balance and soft sensuality. It is endowed with the smell of small daisies that symbolize innocence and purity. Freedom and freshness of this fragrance fills the heart of its owner happiness and warmth. This feminine fragrance is also present morning smells of violets, jasmine and gardenia. Later this complex bouquet reveals aromas of fresh pink grapefruit, wild strawberry and violet leaves. Soft confidence and sense of balance come with sensations flavors of vanilla, musk and white wood. Marc Jacob drew attention to the younger members of the fairer sex, and dedicated them to perfume which means " daisy " - Flower, symbolizing happiness and youth. However, Marc Jacobs immediately noticed that the age - a state of mind rather than a biological or social terms. Marc Jacobs says: "I do not want to speak lofty words of inspiration , but this flavor - Meeting some impressions and sparks my memory. Daisy does not smell , but I wanted to bring to this fragrance is that you feel , looking at them, happiness and youth. My flavors based on gardenia (Marc Jacobs for Women) and jasmine (Blush) were more iconic , " designer " flavors , and this one is more simple and young. "The fragrance was developed by Alberto Morillas of Firmenich. This sparkling floral fragrance with head notes of wild strawberries , violet leaves and ruby grapefruit, with "heart" of gardenia , jasmine petals and violets and "base" of musk, vanilla and white woods.

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